Everyone wishes for abundance in wealth, you can achieve that by unleashing the power of your Bazi destiny!

Discover how to Unleash the Power of Your Bazi Destiny


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Bazi Reading

Bazi reading can be a very powerful tool to gain insights into our life, to understand what are the limitations and how to move forward in the various parts our life.  According to ancient Chinese scholars, our destiny IS predetermined at the moment we take our first breath; however, it is NOT set in stone. It is only one of several factors that influence our total life experience. Knowing our bazi destiny provides us with beneficial advantages, like a blueprint for a building; our life’s path is merely a plan.  Your destiny is determined by how you respond to these energy cycles. And the good part is, you have the option of changing your response or re-action to potentially detrimental circumstances if you know what the clues are beforehand. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.  Find out more about what is bazi and how to know the clues and act on it, your bazi destiny.


What is Abundance?

The Oxford English dictionary defines abundance as “ Plentiful”.  Abundance can relate to anything whether it is material things such as money , harmony, health and relationship or more emotional level, to love.

How do we set out to attract or create abundance? Abundance is very much a state of mind. You first need to believe in it, have a positive attitude and most of all desire it.

To believe you must have faith and trust that you deserve it and it will come about.

So many people want to be rich but feel that it is not achievable or they are not good enough.

Having negative thoughts prevents the universe from fulfilling your desires.  Contact our Bazi Consultant how you can improve various aspect of your life and generate abundance in your life.  Here’s more Abundance Resources for you.


All our teachings are heart inspired, blessings of Love, Light & Miracles.


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